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Vehicle Services

Window Tinting Services

Stadium-Signage also offer a window tinting service for most vehicles, ranging from small cars to large vans across the South East. Window tints offer greater privacy, protection & security for your passengers, pets and valuables in addition to enhancing your driving experience.
In fact the benefits of window film can include UV reduction but also glare and heat reduction depending on which tint is applied. Along with an OEM finish provided by approved and audited installers – there is no bubbling, peeling or blistering which is all backed by a Life-Time Guarantee.
The appearance of your vehicle can be enhanced giving it a more elegant and professional look by window tinting in various shades, on this page are a few image examples of vehicle tinting and a shade percentage guide, but please contact us for full details.

Automotive Paint Protection

Paint protection film is a clear film applied to areas of the body work which are prone to get damaged by road debris such as stone chips but also UV rays, scratches and weather elements. Typically applied to the bumper, headlights, bonnet and wing-mirrors it is a way of keeping your new car with it’s pristine finish. Stadium-Signage can offer a great service, having covered all types of cars from Caterham to Ferrari. Get in touch to see what we can do for your car.

Vehicle Wraps, Signage and Graphics

With a background in livery for vehicles, Stadium-Signage know that branding your sport’s club or business vehicle can be a way to advertise and showcase your sport or business. Whether it is fleet of vans, a coach or minibus for the fans, a HGV lorry, trailer, pick-up truck or car, Stadium-Signage know how to make it stand out from the crowd.
Stadium-Signage are part of Xtreme Signs and as such we hold a huge range of materials from reflective vinyl, metallic and bold colours to make sure your club or company logo is seen throughout the day and night with reflective and vinyl-cut graphics. Large scale printed graphics and images can also be produced to personalise your transport, giving it an individual look.
We will work with you to produce visuals to cost-effectively wrap or sign-write your vehicle, using your logo or using our design services to create one. Once approved we can book your vehicle in for our experts to wrap or sign-write. We can also produce magnetic signs for temporary use, or wrap the whole vehicle.